Bunny News

Bunny News

WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS - We are here for you!

We know there has been a bit of confusion since BinkyBunny took over The Busy Bunny. (Especially since we had run low on product in the first of the year, many thought we stopped wholesaling). We want to help clear up any confusion and calm any concerns. We get a lot of the same questions, so we are posting them here with our answers:

Has Busy Bunny gone out of business?

No. is still up and running, open for business. Order like you normally do.

Can I still order wholesale from Busy Bunny?

Absolutely! At this time, BinkyBunny is not set up to wholesale all the items that are available in Busy Bunny. So just keep doing what you are doing and order from for wholesale.

Do I have to create a new account in BinkyBunny?

No not yet. When we get things merged, yes, but we will let you know.

I thought Busy Bunny was going to merge into BinkyBunny, what’s going on?

Originally, we thought we would merge in January of 2017, but it has proved to be more challenging so it will take more time. We are still working on it. We don’t have a reliable estimate of when that will happen just yet.

What will happen when Busy Bunny does merge with BinkyBunny?

We will notify you via email with information. If we cannot get wholesale accounts to smoothly merge over, then we will create a BinkyBunny Account for you or ask you to create an account with BinkyBunny then. The Busy Bunny website will be informational only redirecting you to information about what’s going on and how to login or set-up account with BinkyBunny. UNTIL THEN – if you go to the website and it’s open for business – just order like you normally do.

Will all the products you sell on BinkyBunny be available for wholesale?

No, as not all the products we sell are our own – like Oxbow, American Pet Diner etc. We can only sell wholesale the products that we have manufactured or are a distributor for. All the products you are used to ordering from Busy Bunny WILL be available for wholesale. All products that our own brand (which include past Busy Bunny manufactured products) will be available as always. Nothing will change with that aspect. We do have exciting plans and ideas for new products and when we have them manufactured, they will be available for wholesale.

Why were you out of products for so long and when will the tents tunnels and some other products be back in stock?

When we took over Busy Bunny, we knew that we may have a larger demand with two stores, and so we had a larger amount created. This took much more time, but we are getting stocked up. One large part was finished in April and we were able to restock a lot of popular products. We will be restocking more in mid-July if everything continues to run smoothly. Tents, Tunnels will be added then too. A couple of products were discontinued, but we plan on bringing them back due to popular request.

Posted: 6/14/2017

Dear Friends, we have Big Bunny News!!

It is with great delight that we announce that The Busy Bunny will become part of BinkyBunny. BinkyBunny is a wonderful company in San Leandro, CA that will be taking ownership of The Busy Bunny. Paul and I feel they are the perfect, synergistic match to take The Busy Bunny into the future with the safe, quality products for rabbits and other small pets that you all know and love.

Here is a message from Jennifer and Steve at BinkyBunny: "We promise to continue to provide the excellent service and amazing products that you are used to with Busy Bunny! As bunny lovers ourselves, we can't wait to share in your bunnies' binky worthy moments!"

For the last 29 years we have appreciated your business, photos, and all your bunny stories. As many of you know, I started this business in 1987 when there weren't many safe, natural toys and chews for rabbits. Spencer, my first house rabbit lived in my condo and taught me the importance of bunny proofing and finding safe chew toys for rabbits. It is hard to believe that was 29 years ago! Time flies!
Phone: 1-510-747-9067

Paul and I want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that have made The Busy Bunny a success throughout the years. It has been such a rich and rewarding experience!!
Wishing you all the joys that come when sharing your home with bunnies and all our wonderful pets.

Lisa and Paul

2017 Calendars have arrived. All stationery products 20-25% off!

We recently received the first of our shipments of 2017 Calendars. These have always been a popular item, so get them while you can!

Also, for the entire month of August, all stationery products are 20-25% off!

2017 calendar

Vegan/Vegetarian Wine?

We were a bit distressed to discover that one of our favorite wineries uses Isinglass (fish bladders) and gelatin (animal bones and byproducts) as part of their winemaking process. A quick search found us Barnivore which has a large database listing vegan wine, beer and liquor.

Our Shipment Arrived

Our highly anticipated shipment arrived in early February and we received tent tunnels, medium balls, rectangular baskets, square basket sets and more! Yay!

Tent Tunnel Rectangular Basket Square Baskets Medium Ball

Rabbit Rescue Stories

Thanks to Lori Perry, our Facebook page is getting regular updates! She recently posted this link to rabbit rescue stories at the Animal Advocates site. Thanks Lori!

Wall St. Journal Article featuring The Busy Bunny!

Just before the holidays, Lisa was interviewed by Ellen Byron of The Wall St. Journal. That article is now available online! Check it out!

Security and Browser Compatibility Note

Google recently changed their rules for search placement. In the past, our store and all pages associated with shopping were secure and our more informational pages were not. Googles new rules mean that our entire site needs to be secure and, as of early December 2014, they are. We use a system called Server Name Indication (SNI) to implement security. Some older browsers and operating systems do not support SNI and will give the user a certificate warning, most notably Internet Explorer and Safari on Windows XP.

Pet Chicken Products!

Pet Chickens?! No, we haven't lost our minds. After moving to the country, we decided to get some chickens. Amelie and Gertrude were rescued from Santa Rosa Animal Care and Control; Sophie and (Nervous) Nellie followed soon after. These girls quickly charmed us and we are now almost as crazy about chickens as we are about bunnies. We found some really awesome chicken treats and decided to add them to our store.

Finding Busy Bunny products in your city or town

People frequently ask us if they can buy Busy Bunny products in retail stores. The short answer is, “Yes.” We are always looking for new retailers, so if your favorite store does not carry our products, let us know - we will contact them and send a catalog. As with any business, customers carry more weight than potential suppliers so if you request that they carry our products, they probably will. As a small, independent business we love finding other small ‘Mom-and-Pop’ type businesses. Many veterinarians and rescue organizations also carry our products, so if you know of a non-profit that wants to raise funds or a vet who wants to carry rabbit products please let us know. Contact Lisa at or call 877-99BUNNY (toll-free in the US) and we will take care of the rest.

We have a commercial!

Our friends at Equal Hoppertunity and the Huntsville Friends of Rabbits made an ad for us! Check it out on You Tube! Don't forget that if you buy products for a rabbit shelter or non-profit, as long as they ship directly to that organization you get 25% discount off the retail price! Call or email for more information.

Please send your feedback, praise, questions, comments, etc to us at or Feedback will be shared with Nicole of Neekdesign (our web designer), as well.